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Waxing Services

Skin by Samie and Co offers waxing services from eyebrow shaping and underarms to bikini lines and Brazilians. All waxing services are performed with professional grade hard wax that's gentle on skin and effective on all hair types.

Please refrain from using Differin, retinols or any vitamin A derived products for a minimum of 72 hours prior to any facial waxing. Clients must be off Accutane for 1 year before receiving any waxing services at the studio. The above policies are in place to ensure the health and safety of your skin. 

Ready to book an appointment? Click here or the 'online booking' image at the bottom of any screen. Have a question? Send a message by clicking here or text (415) 246-7525!


Facial Waxing

Full Face- $75

Includes your choice of all facial features listed below. This service provides mild exfoliation that leaves your face feeling hairless and smooth for flawless makeup application and improved product penetration. 

Eyebrows- $32

Includes trim, wax between above and below eyebrows, tweeze and hydrating gel. Great for clean up, reshaping or maintenance. 

Eyebrow Trim- $18

Includes trim and optional wax strip between brows

Upper Lip- $15

Nose- $15

Grabs the hairs peeking out of your nostril leaving behind the upper nostril hair to keep your natural protection from allergens, dust and other small particles.


Chin- $18

Cheeks- $20

Includes desired areas on your cheeks from below your occipital bone to your jawline. 


Cleans up unwanted fuzz from your sideburns down to your jawline. Leaves a natural triangle of whispies. 

Body Waxing

Underarms- $24

Bikini Line- $46

Full Bikini- $62

Brazilian- $69

Brazilian with inner thigh- $94

Brazilian with Full Butt- $100

Half Arm- $65

Includes your lower arm (elbow down), hands and knuckles.

Skin by Samie and Co is only trained and offering Brazilian waxing or any waxing waxing below the underwear for the female anatomy. 


Eyebrow Lamination and Wax- $120

​Ideal for unruly brows, thin to very thick. This treatment lifts and softens hairs on the eyebrow that grow downwards, straight or curl making them effortless to style. Brows will appear fuller and richer in color while looking healthier with provided at home care. This treatment includes lamination, wax, trim, tweeze, at home care and lasts 4-6 weeks.


This service can be combined with any other waxing services but cannot be combined with any facial service. Please allow 24 hours after service to not get eyebrows wet.

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